April Medical Minute

“At the beginning of the COVID-19┬árestrictions one mother commented how she missed the ROR-KC volunteer that would sit and read with her children at our clinic. When the book was opened the children recognized it as ‘reading time’. The books we were giving during the visit were the tools mom needed for that ‘reading time’ at home.” said Maria Reyes.

Reach Out and Read Helping Patients in South Philadelphia | Children's  Hospital of Philadelphia

“ROR-KC has great significance to us as providers, development specialists, and nursing support staff in providing the opportunity to stress the importance of early reading to our parents and guardians. In a world focusing on technology, ROR-KC is a core product and process for early learning and developing a love for books. It is exciting to see an infant or toddler smile upon receiving of a book in clinic, opening the pages and pointing, a great indication that they have that experience at home,” said Dr. Pankey and Maria Reyes.

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