ROR-KC COVID-19 Update and Resources

This is a trying time for our communities, our nation, and the world. We believe that the Reach Out and Read mission of family engagement and reading daily is as powerful and important as ever during these challenging times.  

As a healthcare-based program, we have the utmost respect and support for our medical providers who are working tirelessly to care for patients affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Our clinics and providers remain committed to supporting families with young children, continuing to provide books and encourage reading aloud at every checkup. Most ROR-KC partner clinics are continuing to see children 15 months or younger and 5-year-old children so they can continue to receive vaccinations.

We are pleased to share our curated list of resources for parents and families, which is now available on our website. The increased time that children and families will spend together over the next few weeks is a terrific opportunity to maximize the effect that attention and nurturing from a loving parent or caregiver has on healthy brain development.  

ROR-KC’s work remains critical during this time. Children and adults alike feel anxious and stressed. One of the best ways to support and engage children is to read books together. Reading together promotes bonding and builds strong emotional connections. When children are cuddled in the lap of a loving caregiver, enjoying a book together, they feel safe and secure, despite the turmoil in the outside world. Reading together also builds routines that can help children manage during this uneasy time. Sharing books regularly can provide a sense of routine that can help children manage during this uneasy time of school closures.

Check out this article by National Reach Out and Read Medical Director Perri Klass “Getting Through, Making Memories and Being the Grown-Ups”. It’s a great reminder that YOU are what your child needs. 

Reach Out and Read provides a simple reminder that spending time together with books can offer a safe harbor, even if just for a few moments.  

Be well! 

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