November Medical Minute

This is normally the time of year when we think of cold nights and planning for family gatherings around holiday tables. Across our two states, numbers of COVID-19 cases are rising. This also comes at a time when flu season will be arriving in our region. 

Planning holiday get togethers during COVID-19 - School of Public Health

The question on everyone’s minds- how do we safely manage the holidays and this unique winter season ahead? This winter will not, or should not, be the same for most of us if we are following recommendations to reduce our risk of contracting COVID-SARS2. It means rethinking large gatherings and finding other ways to celebrate. The CDC provides lots of helpful information here to guide us in safely negotiating holidays.

Family Gatherings, Holidays and More: Additional Tips on Celebrating Missed  Milestones during Covid- | The University of Vermont Health Network

So as winter approaches, continue those FaceTime/Zoom/Google Group gatherings, find a great book to read and look at all of the local activities you can do with your family. Check out the many local parks and hiking trails for an outing. This site lists activities for kids and adults – just plug in your zip code!

Support your favorite restaurants with carry-out orders, your favorite small businesses with curbside pick-up, or short, mask-wearing in-store shopping. Shop your local bookstores to find that special book for the children in your lives. Click here to support independent bookstores.

Why the flu shot is so important in 2020 | Feeling Fit |

To keep extra safe get your flu vaccine if you haven’t yet, wear a face covering whenever you are with other people outside of your social bubble, practice social distancing, and wash your hands. Don’t touch your face!

To our loyal donors, we thank you for your continued support during these difficult corona-era times. Know that you are helping us make a difference in the lives of children every day!

-Sallie Page-Goertz, MN, APRN, CPNP, IBCLC

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