Volunteer Appreciation: Sally Clark

“When a child comes through the door of the clinic and dashes over to see “the book lady” to get a new book, it is a thrilling feeling. When a patient is offered a book, and they announce they “don’t read” but can’t resist the perfect book when we find it, it feels fantastic.”

These are the words of Sally Clark, an 18-year volunteer with ROR-KC who started on February 1st, 2002. For Sally, ROR-KC isn’t just a “volunteer job”, it’s her true passion.

“It’s like Christmas every day with each child getting the gift of a book. Some of the patients I have seen for as many as 18 years, and I have learned to love and admire the patients and their families through the years.” said Sally.

Her connection with her patients and families can only be described as a unique and rare gem, similarly to each book she joyfully hands out to her patients and families. Sally averages about 50 hours a month volunteering by going in to Children’s Mercy Neonatal Follow-Up Clinics several days of the week for hours at a time.

“I love my time spent at Children’s Mercy Hospital. Giving out books is such fun. Reading to kids is a joy. Meeting and visiting with the people is a real privilege and my time spent in my volunteer “job” is a wonderful part of my life.” said Sally with a smile.

To view a Volunteer Highlight video of Sally’s work, click here.

Thank you for 18 years of volunteer service, Sally! We appreciate your years of enthusiasm and genuine dedication to assisting our mission.

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